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    Down and Out!


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    Down and Out! Empty Down and Out!

    Post  Sothe on July 25th 2009, 23:23

    Ok well like most of you experience, when you patched a couple weeks back, your RO stopped working.

    Well for once, I actually patched and now my RO won't work. So bummerrrr me.

    So I might not be attending Woe and I probably won't be back on RO until next week depending when I can use high speed.

    Also, I'm leaving RO on Sunday-Friday for Band seriously try hard to take care of the guild.

    If you guys need me, just message me on forums or text me.

    *I won't have any computer when I go away so just text me.

    Good Luck and I'll see you guys soon! Smile

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    Down and Out! Empty Re: Down and Out!

    Post  Merlin on July 26th 2009, 00:33

    Nooo! Patching is supposed to help! T_T
    What do you mean is doesn't work? D:

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    Down and Out! Empty Re: Down and Out!

    Post  Misslola on July 26th 2009, 01:32

    he means, the same thing that happened to me just happened to him >.>
    sometimes the patches are glitched and if they don't patch up well it gives you errors!

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    Down and Out! Empty Re: Down and Out!

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