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    A Twist In My Story


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    A Twist In My Story Empty A Twist In My Story

    Post  Sothe on August 6th 2009, 01:42

    Well I suppose this is it, I start school Friday and TAC is left in remains.

    I'll be very inactive since I have School/Marching Band (After School)/ and Piano Lessons.

    Most likely I can attend Woe on Saturdays and be on during the weekends and maybe on Wednesday but that's mostly it.

    I've enjoyed my summer with a lot of you and I know that many have left and gone. I just hope that in the coming future, I'll see you all again at the TAC 2nd Year Anniversary.

    Until then, I'll do my best to keep TAC running and living. I look forward to seeing you guys whenever I get the chance. ^_^

    Forever and Always,
    Antonio (Leader of The Advent Children)

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